Original 1965 Wham-O Super Balls ... All in excellent condition.

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1965 Red and Blue (1 15/16")
Large (1 15/16") RedLarge (1 15/16") Blue

1965 Multicolor (1 15/16")
Large (1 15/16") Multicolor

1965 "Small" Multicolor (1 1/8")
Small (1 1/8") Multicolor

1965 "Mini" Red and Blue (.780)
Mini (.780") RedMini (.780") Blue

Note: The Original "1965" Large Red and Blue (yes... found more Blue in storage:) are currently available for individual direct purchase HERE.

All my Original "1965" Wham-O
Super Balls
are sold "loose" (as these never made it to "packaging"),
are unused as they have never been "bounced" (guaranteed), and may still bear some of their
original factory mold release (a 40+ year old milky-white powdery coating that generally
covered the balls to varying degrees - - especially noticeable on the blue and red balls).

All are in "new" condition although it should be noted that no Original "1965" Wham-O Super Ball is perfect.
hey were, of course, not "made" as collectibles, to sit on a shelf (although they do display rather nicely),
 and rubber molding technology and materials have certainly come a long way since.* 
They should
be considered like a fine leather (see holster
here) ... imperfections give them their character.
 Little dark "spots," little bumps, noticeable color variations, nooks and crannies (like hairline
cracks in "the skin"), and various logo imperfections are quite common. 

Again - please note:  They aren't perfect (and never were).  The large (1 15/16") red and blue balls especially
show the imperfections of injection molding technologies of the 1960s, and the challenges that they had
working with this material.  Those of you old enough:  Do you remember carefully opening the package
and even more carefully inspecting these when you got them "back in the day?"  Heck no!  We ripped
open the bag, bolted for the door to get outside where we could, with all our little might, slam 'em
to the ground and watch 'em fly!  All that said... these "fly" just the same and you'll love 'em! :)

(See a summary of what others have said about these balls here.)

Also, a special note regarding the smallest (.780") ...
Balls of this size are no longer legally manufactured nor legally
imported here in the U.S. as they pose a serious choking hazard.
These are sold as "collectibles" only, and should not be considered a "toy."
They must absolutely be kept out of the hands (and mouths) of children!

Thank you

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