Available for direct online purchase... for the first time ever - - at Superballs.com
  Original (large) "1965 Atom Logo" Wham-O
® Super Balls ® in Red or Blue
 (these were made in 1968 as per records found at the factory).

Click on image to see "larger" version (opens in a new window).  Images are representative only.

Since 1999 I've offered these balls only as part of a set, and only through eBay auction.
Now, for a limited time (as quantities are limited) they're available individually here.

All Original "1965" Wham-O
® Super Balls ®
are sold "loose" (as these never made it to "packaging"),
they are unused (as they have never been "bounced"), and most still bear their original
factory mold release (a resilient 40 year old milky-white coating that generally covers
the balls to varying degrees - - especially noticeable on the blue and red balls).
As time allows I do my best to clean them up before shipping so they shine!

All are in "new" condition and are unused, though it should be noted that no
Original "1965" Wham-O Super Ball
® is perfect (they were not "made" as collectibles;)
 and the combination of 1960's molding technology and the materials that were used
 (including their especially high Carbon content) often made for slightly less-than-perfect balls.
They should be considered like a fine leather (see holster
here)... imperfections give them their character -
- little "spots," color variations, small nooks and crannies, and hairline cracks in the skin which can be 1/4" or
so in length are not uncommon.  These do not affect their bounce nor should they affect their life expectancy
  if the balls are bounced on smooth surfaces and if "Super Ball
® Killer" surfaces  - - like Asphalt and Stucco
are avoided like the plague.
  Oh... and if you don't lose it! ;)

  Please note that no representations are made as to logo quality, color consistency, surface "perfection," etc.
  These are sold today as they were sold in the 60's - - "as is"... and "to bounce" (and they do... like nothing ever
has since!)  Just remember how - - as a kid... we didn't inspect these things "to the nth degree."  Rather, we
 ripped open the package and "let 'em fly!"  If you're buying a ball to bounce, you'll be especially pleased.
Again -- avoid Asphalt and Stucco and they'll give you extended joy!

See a recent 2010 vs. 1965 "drop" bounce-test here:  Low Res WMV:  lowres.wmv    Med Res WMV: medres.wmv

Measuring approximately 1 15/16" in diameter, these are The Original Wham-O® Super Balls®, first sold in black,
and soon thereafter in the colors that I'm offering here - all bearing the "Atom" logo and 1965 copyright date.

Balls are available in Red and/or Blue.
  The Multicolors are sold out. :(

Balls are $35.00* each. Why $35 for a ball that sold for $0.99 Fifty-Five Years ago? I dunno - - what would you charge?
This is why I only made them available via eBay for the couple decades - - letting "the market" set their price because
I couldn't figure it out!  Anyway... folks have been asking "forever" that I "just sell them"... so here they finally are.
I guess the answer is: "Used" Original Large 1965 Wham-O
 ® Super Balls ® have sold pretty consistently for over that
on eBay ® over the years, they are 50+ years old, they're pretty darn scarce, and dog-gonnit... these are unused."
  Bottom line: They'll never be made like this again.  When these are gone... they are really gone!
Oh... and I often see others' listings of much crappier balls for $50-$60... so I'm good.

Additionally, please note USPS Priority Mail shipping cost of $9.95
*Note:  I do not ship to (within) California.

Payment may be made online using PayPal below, or, if you don't have a PayPal account
 you may call 714.381.0101 and pay with your credit card over the phone.

If you prefer to pay with a check or money order, please send me an e-mail.
I will respond confirming your order and will provide payment details
(Payment by check delays shipment until check clears.)

*Please note:  I only ship to locations within the United States for logistical reasons.

I DO NOT ship to (within) California for personal reasons.
 If you live outside the US but have someone in the US
(other than California) that can receive these for you,
please contact me prior to purchase as I'm happy to work with you.

Reminder: Images are representative only.  Appearance of all balls will vary.

Buy one Original (large) RED "1965" Wham-O ® Super Ball ® : $35.00 plus $9.95 shipping ($44.95 total): NOTE - NOT AVAILABLE IN CALIFORNIA

Buy one Original (large) BLUE "1965" Wham-O ® Super Ball ® : $35.00 plus $9.95 shipping ($44.95 total): NOTE - NOT AVAILABLE IN CALIFORNIA

Buy BOTH - - one Original (large) RED and one Original (large) BLUE "1965" Wham-O ® Super Balls ® and SAVE ON SHIPPING: $70.00 plus $9.95 shipping ($79.95 total): NOTE - NOT AVAILABLE IN CALIFORNIA

Thank you for your interest !

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