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(provided courtesy of Tom Ventimiglia)

This package contains the most amazing ball ever created by science.  The purpose of this sheet is to give you some answers to the many questions you will ask.

The ball itself is made from a recently developed compound called ZECTRON and compressed under 50,000 pounds of pressure.  The stored energy available in this finished compound is fantastic.  As you can see, the recovery (bounce) is approximately 90% - (Hold the ball out at arms length and drop it on a hard surface without moving your hand, it will almost return to the full height.)  Note: Ball will not respond to light surfaces such as table tops, etc.

ZECTRON also has an extremely high coefficient of friction.  (Put the ball on a clean surface, with a little downward pressure, attempt to slide the ball.)  This extreme friction causes the ball to do strange things.  For example, bounce the ball to someone 15 ft. to 20 ft. away with 2 bounces – you will note the ball picks up forward speed on the second bounce.  Try this – bounce the ball on the floor in such a way that it strikes the wall while it is going up.  The friction will cause the ball to bounce back into the wall again.  In fact, tests have resulted in as many as 5 bounces into the wall with one throw.  It appears that the ball is defying gravity.

If a good solid table with a flat bottom is available, throw the ball lightly so as to cause the upward bounce to strike the under side of the table.  Surprisingly, the ball will bounce back to almost the same spot and then to your hand.

Caution – Super Ball is made of ZECTRON, and exotic material and must be treated with care.  If ball is thrown violently or bounced excessively on rough surfaces, BALL WILL BREAK.  Naturally Super Ball can’t be guaranteed against breakage.  Handle with care and you will have many hours of pleasure.


Special thanks to Tom Ventimiglia for his contributions.

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