In 2001 Basic Fun introduced the first new Super Ball "offering" in years ...

an official Original Wham-O Super Ball Keychain !

( Super Ball by Wham-O )

Note:  Keychains were red-orange or yellow-orange.  Balls were black or purple ("1998" mold).
I sold these while they lasted.  Unfortunately they're long gone.

Trivia: Back in 2001, I shipped 50 "1998 mold" balls to Basic Fun for the product launch
(at the time Wham-O didn't have any balls as they were all in Mexico where they'd
been packaged in "commemorative" packages for direct shipment to retailers).

Below is my page from when I was selling these.

Now it is possible to keep your Super Ball secured to your keys ...
( you never lose your keys, right ? )


Now it is possible to keep your keys secured to your Super Ball ...
( you never lose your Super Ball , right ? )

... and if you drop them ... they just might bounce right back ...

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This keychain, complete with one (1) "working" Original Wham-O Super Ball comes mint in it's original packaging.
(note: ball is black or purple, available with either a red-orange or yellow-orange keychain "claw")


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