The Rack... is Back Gone (again) ! :(

( Imported Steel Super Ball Rack )

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Rack with lids in place.

Rack with lids removed.

One canister removed.

Made of steel, "The Rack" may stand alone (ideally on a scratch-resistant surface), or it may be hung.
Alternatively, the canisters can be removed from the steel back plate and attached to other
ferrous metal surfaces (as the canisters each have a magnet attached to their backside).

"The Rack" consists of the back plate with 12 magnetically-attachable canisters with clear plastic covers.

Notes:  Balls ARE NOT included!  Also, the name is not on the rack (I did that just for mine :)
Finally... for 2" balls, the cover's plastic lens (which is removable) needs to be popped out of the lid frame
and reversed (so that it bows "out" as opposed to bowing "in") to allow lid to close completely

Racks are no longer available... but you might find something similar from others on the web.
  Tip: Look for a spice rack or a golf ball display with larger cavities to accommodate 2" balls ! ;)

Thanks for your interest!


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