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Once upon a time, long long ago, in my hometown of Fullerton, California, there operated a little "rubber plant" who received a big contract... one of four awarded by Wham-O Manufacturing Company of San Garbriel, CA.

It seems that Wham-O was selling little rubber balls that bounced real good. I mean real real good. They were called the Super Ball , and they bounced so good that they became very popular, very quickly. I mean very very popular, very very quickly. In fact, so popular, so quickly, that they just couldn't make them fast enough, and so they turned to outside companies for help with production.

Fullerton Manufacturing Company, located at 336 East Santa Fe Avenue, Fullerton, California was one of those companies. Owned and operated by a man named Robert A. Stringfield, Fullerton Manufacturing Company began producing the Super Ball for Wham-O sometime during, or prior to 1968. From items found at the site, I know that they manufactured the following sizes and colors of the Original Wham-O Super Ball bearing the "Atom" logo, and the 1965 copyright:

Large sized balls (1 15/16") in light blue, red, and multicolor.
Medium sized balls (1 1/8") in dark blue (found only a couple), light blue (found only a handful), and multicolor.
Small sized balls (.780") in dark blue (look more green/black and only found a handful) light blue, red, and multicolor (found only 1).

In addition, they made Golf Super Balls for Wham-O , and years later the "new logo" 1976 copyright "smaller" large (13/4") in dark blue - green/black (found only 4).

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